Raindrop Ragdoll Shirt

Oh, it’s so much fun to dress up animal ragdolls! This simple shirt sewing pattern makes it easy to give your Raindrop Ragdoll a casual look  in either a short sleeve or long sleeve style. Of course, if you feel comfortable, you can adjust the sleeve length to whatever you’d like. 

It is also easy to grab a meaningful, or just fun, shirt or sweater to repurpose into the shirt for the ragdoll. Below I used a long outgrown sweater that I simply couldn’t part with…I loved that sweater! So, after years in a box, it got new life!

You can easily use the hems on the shirt for the hems on the bottom of the ragdoll’s shirt and sleeves. The pattern is rounded for the ragdoll’s shirt bottom and bottom edge of the sleeves, but you can adjust to a straighter edge in order to use the seams already on the shirt you’ll be repurposing.

It’s important to use a 4-way stretch knit fabric (like a t-shirt fabric) for this shirt in order for it to function and fit properly.  However, you can choose to use a fabric such as cotton. If you do choose cotton, you will need to make an adjustment on the closure of the shirt or the shirt won’t fit over the ragdoll’s head. Either make the opening larger but cutting a little deeper on the fold or make the entire back open up by cutting the entire fold line and applying velcro on length of the cut edge for each shirt side.

The Video Tutorial & Pattern Templates

The tutorial for construction is only available on video, housed on my YouTube Channel. Grab the templates at the link below and get started!