Add Claws or Talons

Claws are such a fun addition to your soft sculpture! So far I have added them to my vulture and koala dolls. Of course, it really goes without saying that any stuffed animal that has the metal claws added isn’t suitable for young children.


What You'll Need:

Step 1: Using an awl poke a hole in the location where the talon/claw will be.

Step 2: Place a bolt on the inside of the toe and push the shank of the bolt through the hole.

Step 3: Twist the talon/claw over the bolt to hold in place.

Step 4: Stuff your plush animal project.

Step 5: Remove the claw/talon from the bolt. Add a dot of glue to the shank of the bolt. Twist the claw/talon back onto the bolt (do this quickly, if using super glue it dries quickly).

Step 6: (optional) Add a small bit of glue under the claw/talon and push it into the fabric so the talon looks more like it is ‘growing’ from the toe.

Here is my koala and my vulture donning the metal claws…it really does add a fantastic touch!

Here’s a great image for Pinterest! Pin now and save this project for later!