Advent Calendar Frame

What a fun way to count down the days until Christmas!  Make the Reindeer Wall Decor then grab a few supplies and make an advent frame to go with it!

You Will Need:

  • – Oven Bake Clay (I used one of the small packages of Sculpie)
  • – Rolling Pin
  • – Scissors, Hammer, Wire Nippers 
  • – Number Templates (grab them at the bottom of this page)
  • – Exacto Style Knife
  • – Baking Tray
  • – 11 x 17 Photo Frame (I got mine at a dollar store)
  • – 4 inch Diameter Wood Slice
  • – Black Acrylic Paint (optional)
  • – 2 Finishing Nails
  • – Greenery (I used pine tree garland from Hobby Lobby)
  • – Embellishments (such as small pine cones, ribbon and faux berry sprigs)
  • – Fine Grit Sandpaper (optional) (I used 220)
  • – Grab the free number templates at the bottom of this page

Step 1: Print and cut the number templates from paper (number templates located at the bottom of this page). Roll the oven bake clay onto a baking tray. Roll it as evenly as you can, mine is about a 1/8 inch thickness. 

Step 2: Place the paper templates onto the clay. I first trace around it with a stylus, but that isn’t really necessary.  You will need one of each number, except you will need two – 1’s and two – 2’s.

Step 3: Use the knife to carefully cut all the way through the clay. (if you don’t want to scratch up your baking tray, you may want to do this on a cutting board; however you then have to carefully transfer the cut number to a baking tray without distorting it).

Step 4: Use the head of a nail you’ll be using to hang the numbers and press a hole into the number. You can use a stylus to further define the hole.

Step 5: After cutting all of the numbers, pull the clay away from the numbers.  Roll it out again and repeat with more numbers. The edges will be a little rough, but they are easily sanded.

Step 6: Bake as directed on the clay packaging.  Allow to cool completely.

You now have your complete set of Advent numbers. Use the fine grit sandpaper and sand the rough edges if desired.

Step 7: Paint your wood slice (optional).  I used black to make it look like a chalkboard.

Step 8: Drill a hole in what will be the top of the wood slice if desired (you can also hot glue it to the frame if you prefer) Hammer two finishing nails into the wood slice.  Place two numbers on the surface to plot out the nail placement first.

Step 9: Attach the wood slice to the frame as desired.  I used a leather cord and then covered the cord with ribbon and greenery, see below.

Step 10: Embellish the frame as desired.  I cut sections from a pine garland and wired them onto the top corner of the frame.

Step 11: Add accents into the greenery if desired. I used some faux wired berry sprigs that I broke apart and placed into the greenery. I also found a stem of three small pine cones at Hobby Lobby that worked perfectly to bring it all together in the center.

Step 12: Back to the bottom of the frame with the wood slice. I made a bow from ribbon and hot glue (it is wired ribbon, which I love and which makes ‘cheating’ easy). There are many bow making tutorials online if you need one.  After I used hot glue to secure the bow to the frame, I tucked some faux berry sprigs into the center and some greenery on the sides and secured with hot glue. 

Put the numbers in a jar and place them on a shelf near the frame for easy access and daily updating of your Advent calendar.  Get creative…a wide mouth vase or jar hung on the wall also works well.

Such a fun alternative to the traditional Advent celendars (although, I love them too!). Make a jingle bell harness/collar too! Find the sewing pattern and tutorial for the Reindeer Wall Decor and Ride-On Toy in my shop.

Save this project for later…here is a great image for Pinterest!