Coming Soon

I’m always working on something!  It can take several months to get a pattern from concept to published.  These designs will be released in a pattern and I will provide updates on the progress here.  Be sure to subscribe to my email list for updates and release dates (you can also keep tabs on it here on my website). 

Keep in mind that I am learning to let my creative flow guide me more than forcing specific designs and I often have had a design in my head or on my list for months to years and then one of those particular designs calls to me and I set aside other projects to tap into my inspirations and design something new…so, who knows which design I will completely tackle for the next sewing pattern and tutorial.  

Is there a particular design you’d like to see?  I have a very long list of what I want to design but always love to hear your input!  What do YOU want to make?

Squirrel Plushie

I designed this little guy in May 2020 to accompany my moose and he has stole the show as squirrels often do.  So, the squirrel is the next up and will have a few different options for what it is ‘holding’ in her hands. These will include an acorn, corn on the cob, donut, strawberry and a heart.  This will make a great pin cushion where you can opt out of playing voodoo with the squirrel itself and push the pins into whatever the squirrel is holding.

The squirrel is in the hands of my pattern testers now!!  It will be ready soon!!

Acorn Accent Pillow

I designed a wee little acorn for my squirrel plushie to hold…then that led to making acorn accent pillows!  This pattern will include three sizes for the acorn pillow plus the mini acorn which can serve as bowl fillers, incorporated into a wreath or swag or made into a key fob or zipper pull.

The acorn pillow is in the hands of my pattern testers now!!  It will be ready soon!!

Moose Faux Taxidermy & Ride-On Toy

I designed this one spring of 2020.  A little woodland theme is unrolling…the squirrel will be first then followed by the moose.  The moose will be in two sizes, have two antler options and can be made to be a wall decor piece or a ride-on toy.

Dolphin Ride-On Toy

Dolphins are so much fun!!  I designed this one in the summer of 2018.  I will be making my way back around to this design soon to develop the sewing pattern and tutorial.  I want also include a wall decor option with this design.

Llama Doll

I designed this llama in 2018, I’ll be coming back around to it soon to develop the sewing pattern and tutorial.