Copyright and Terms

Bear with me while I candidly speak for a moment…because this really isn’t a topic to be sugar coated. I’ll admit, it is crushing to spend well over 150 hours over the course of months to fine tune an original design, make samples, take process photos and video, edit said photos and video, write the tutorial, employ a graphic designer to make crisp templates out of my hand drawn templates and fine tune the technical end of the tutorial, label all the templates, engage with a fabulous group of pattern testers, make the final edits and publish a pattern… then see my hard work disregarded through violations of my copyright and terms.

While that is definitely a down side and major point of frustration…on the flip side…it is so rewarding to see your finished items and see you succeed with the ‘blueprints’ I’ve provided for you to make some adorable toys and plushies!! 

Fortunately, I don’t have to address violations very often. To those who respect my copyright and terms…and therefore respect my time and talents…I have a heart full of gratitude for you!! 

Quick Points to Remember

  • No, there is no 30% (or other percent) rule for the amount of change to be done to someone else’s work for you to be able to claim it as your own. If you worked off of someone else’s work…it is NEVER your own!
  • Yes, patterns are copyrightable and the copyright is in effect as soon as it’s created via USA federal law. A work can be further registered with the copyright office, but it is not required in order for copyright. protections to apply.
  • Everything in any and all of my tutorials are copyright protected to include: the text, photos and templates.
  • You are not entitled to someone else’s work.
  • Don’t be the jerk who challenges someone on their own work because you feel entitled to ‘make it your own’ and thus take ownership of the design…such as giving no acknowledgement to the designer on finished items you’re selling.
  • No amount of modifications will circumvent the copyright or terms…see the first bullet point.
  • Changing the name of a design that is not your own does not make it your own.
  • Dishonesty, lack of respect and gaslighting the designer are all poor reflections of your character. If I have to reach out to you to respectfully request for you to follow my copyright and terms, please don’t try to turn it around on me…you know it is NOT your original design.

Classes or Sewing Groups

It is against copyright to share/distribute the pattern/tutorial in any manner…this includes a group or class setting. If you are teaching a class or just meeting up with other sewists to create one of my designs…each person must have their own properly purchased copy of the pattern…yes, even digitally. I encourage those who are teaching others to sew…or even just getting valuable social time with other sewists… therefore, I am happy to provide a discount to your group…just ask! Generally, this will be by way of a special coupon code each participant can use to directly purchase the PDF from me.

If you’re teaching youth, you’re extra special and I applaud you! I also fully support you! Thank you for teaching and mentoring the next generation!  My copyright still applies and I need to protect that. Please mention you are teaching a youth sewing class using one of my patterns for an extra special discount.

When contacting me, I will need to know just a little bit about the class you’re teaching and how many people you expect to attend.

Please, do the right thing. Thank you!

Selling Finished Items

For those selling finished items…I’m not your enemy, actually, I’m more like your cheerleader! I know that sewing patterns and finished items made with said sewing patterns are two different markets with little cross over. Usually those who can sew it, will, and those who can’t sew it will not be buying the pattern but rather looking for the finished item. Hence, why I have my D.A.S.I.E. Made Mall. Whether you’re listed in the mall or not, I SUPPORT those who are selling finished items using my designs WHEN they are respecting my copyright and terms. Please, support me in return.

I really am happy that my designs are helping you make some cash! I also like having makers/businesses to refer people to who request a finished item from me. So, is giving the designer credit for the design really that big of an ask or inconvenience?  It is a gut-punch to see makers selling their finished items made with my designs and zero credit is given to the designer. Please, respect this term in the use of my designs and give credit where credit is due. 

To those of you giving credit, I see you and I appreciate you!

Why Don't You Have Free Patterns?

This is my livelihood, it is how I support myself and my family. You wouldn’t go to work for free so why would you expect me to work for free so you can benefit from my time and talents…that is entitlement. You get a pretty great deal purchasing my pattern at a small price for all the time, talent and hard work I poured into it. Bonus…I do have sales!

I do offer free mini tutorials and free patterns for accessories to the standard patterns, however, you won’t see a pattern that has a plethora of hours poured into it being offered for free…and I think that’s very reasonable and fair to both you and me.

Copyright & Terms

I draft my patterns by hand and put each one through a trial, error and correction process until I reach my end design. Many hours of maticulous work go into developing my patterns and writing my tutorials. I am very grateful for your honesty and respect of my copyright.

What You Can Do

  • Make as many as you like.
  • Sell items you make using this pattern/tutorial on a small business scale, please credit the designer (outlined below). 
  • Make your own alterations for your finished item. 

What You Cannot Do

  • You may NOT reproduce, share, distribute or sell this pattern/tutorial for any purpose in part or in whole by any means; including but not limited to electronic methods (i.e. e-mail, etc) or hardcopy methods (i.e. printed, etc)
  • You may not make and sell items using this design/pattern/tutorial on a large commercial scale.

How to Credit the Designer on Items for Sale

I am honored if my design aids you in your creation of handcrafted items in which you sell in order to make a profit to provide income for yourself. Not only am I excited about that, I encourage it when honesty is at the forefront! My designs are intended for use by home crafters and individual small business owners only and cannot be made on a mass produced large commercial scale.

The responsibility lies with you to follow any laws regarding age-related safety protocols for the construction and labeling of any items made by you and sold using this tutorial, as craftsmanship and material choices vary.

Please give credit where credit is due as follows:

Please note on any online listings (including posts on social media such as Facebook and Instagram) and on a removable hang tag on the physical item, that this item is “handmade by {you} using a Rustic Horseshoe original design”. Free tags can be found here

What if I altered the pattern and am selling my finished product?

You may make alterations to this pattern; however, you still must note online and on a hang tag that it is made using a Rustic Horseshoe original design or an altered Rustic Horseshoe original design. Altering my design does not circumvent my copyright or terms in any manner…nor does it ever make the design your own.

Happy Sewing!