DASIE Made Mall

Welcome to the D.A.S.I.E. Made Mall!  D.A.S.I.E.s are the wonderful makers who make items using a Rustic Horseshoe Design (or a Rustic Horseshoe Design they have altered).  Below is a list of D.A.S.I.E.s who make and sell at least one of my designs.

I’m currently putting my focus on building my pattern line and therefore not making completed items for sale (unless I made it during the pattern designing process).  There are many talented makers using my designs who do sell the completed items and we all know that for a variety of reasons someone may not be able to make the item themselves and may not know someone personally who will make it for them.

Peruse the list, visit the makers and reach out to anyone you want to do business with.  The list is in the order submissions were received. This list is a courtesy list for you and each maker listed below. Please see the disclaimer at the end of this list.

D.A.S.I.E. Made Mall

  • By Andrea Nikolakis
  • USA

Hey Diddle Dolls is the creative outlet of a mother/daughter duo with over 50 years of combined sewing experience. Inspired by our own favorite childhood toys, we are bringing innocence back to playtime.

Will sew any current Rustic Horseshoe Design on a custom order basis.

  • By Tania Bolton
  • USA

The Firefly Patch is a collection of stuffed & weighted animals. I can customize the weight of the animal to fit your needs. All of my horses, birds and unicorns were handmade using patterns by RusticHorseshoe.

Makes these Rustic Horseshoe Designs: -Nutty Nag, -Pudgy Plumes, -Floppy Filly, -Accessories

  • By Janet Yammamoto
  • USA

Janet is a well seasoned sewist having decades of sewing experience.  She has made items for Rustic Horseshoe under Rena’s direction for approximately 3 years before moving to a different state.

Will custom make any Rustic Horseshoe Design.

  • By Angela Moody
  • England

Angela makes quality keepsake animals made from clothing.

Will custom make a Nutty Nag/Unicorn Doll

  • By Glenda Henning
  • USA

“I am an equestrian based small business making custom clothing and also plush horse dolls with Rustic Horseshoe’s lovely patterns”

Will custom make Floppy Fillies & Classic Colts

Something to Love

  • By Jodi Pencek
  • USA

“I create one of a kind keepsakes that you’re sure to love. I’m just getting my business started so I’m taking email orders until I get my website up and running.”

Email Jodi at: Jodi@Pencek.com

Will custom make Pudgy Plumes, Nutty Nag, Squirrel, Mustang Stick Horse, Floppy Fillies & Classic Colts

  • By Lenore Roundy
  • USA

“Quality and cuteness are both very important to me! I hope that my handmade hobby animals will create many happy childhood memories.”

Will custom make Classic Stick Horse, Rodeo Bull, Llama Ride-On, Camel Ride-On, Giraffe Ride-On, Mustang Stick Horse

  • By Janiel Hart
  • USA

Makes Nutty Nag and all Rustic Horseshoe’s Hobby Ride-On Toys.

  • By Laura
  • Ireland

“I love anything arts and crafts, but my biggest passion is sewing and creating stuffed animals.”

Makes Blissful Bovine, Floppy Filly, Kwirky Koala and more…please ask.

  • By Anissa D’Souza
  • USA – Texas

Makes Hefty Hippo and other Rustic Horseshoe plushies and pin cushions. 

E-mail Anissa at nisadancerrider@gmail.com

  • By Libby Lamp
  • USA

Makes any Rustic Horseshoe design.

  • By Kim Kass
  • USA

Makes most Rustic Horseshoe designs.


I haven’t seen any of these makers’ items in person (with the exception of Whispers of Yore) and can’t speak for their quality or customer service.  Any transactions, communications, etc between you and anyone listed in this mall is strictly between you and that party.

Rustic Horseshoe has no involvement in any of these transactions or communications. 

If you have an unpleasant experience with any of the D.A.S.I.E. Makers listed, you may notify Rustic Horseshoe and after consideration the maker may or may not be removed from this list depending on the circumstances.

If you make and sell Rustic Horseshoe Designs and want to be listed in the D.A.S.I.E. Made Mall, please fill out this application