Faux Taxidermy Leaf Wreath

Making a wreath to frame any faux taxidermy piece will add another layer to your decor and spice it up.  The best part is that it is an easy and fairly quick project and is customization to whatever fax taxidermy piece you’re working with.  I’ll show you how using my Rhinoceros Wall Decor.

You will need:

  • -1/8″ thick foam core board (you can go with the inexpensive dollar store variety or the sturdier office store variety…either will work well) *you may also use MDF board, etc
  • -Leaves in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Take them off of silk flower stems, etc.  You will need 6-10+ stems depending on the number and size of the leaves as well as the size of the wreath you’re making.
  • -Box cutter or scissors
  • -Hot Glue and glue sticks
  • -Awl or similar tool
  • -Pencil, pen or marker

Step 1:  Trace the flat back shape of your faux taxidermy piece onto the foam core board with a pencil, it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Step 2:  Use a measuring tape and mark one inch outward from the first drawn line all the way around the shape.  (make it wider if desired)

Step 3:  Trace over the two lines with marker to better define the lines if desired.

Step 4:  Cut the shape out by carefully using a box knife.  Scissors will work, but the box knife is preferred.

Step 5:  Use an awl or other tool to poke a hole on the top center of your shape for hanging.  You will be able to easily cover the hole on the front while leaving it open on the back.

Tip:  If you want to make sure your frame is hidden, you can cover the frame in strips of fabric or paint it prior to adding the leaves.

Step 6:  Begin layering the leaves on your foam core board using hot glue.  I start with the largest leaves.

Step 7:  Layer more greenery, I added the grass next.

Step 8:  Continue layering, using your mid-sized leaves.

Step 9:  Continue layering with various shades and smaller sizes of greenery by tucking them slightly under other leaves and even curling parts of the leaves over the inner edge of the foam core board until you achieve your desired coverage and look.

Hang the wreath/frame on the wall, then hang your faux taxidermy piece inside of it.  The various shades, sizes and textures will make your animal really stand out!

I’ve demonstrated this project using my Rhino Wall Decor design.  Find the pattern here and make this deceptively easy and adorable beast and any room he is in will become more lively.

This is a great image to pin!  Pin this now and save this project for later.