Flat Bum Modification

The series of sitting plushies with floppy legs and oversized feet include the Nutty Nag, Lounging Leafer Giraffe, Kwirky Koala, Pudgy Plumes (Ostrich, Flamingo & Vulture), Llofty Llama (coming soon) and Bodacious Bull (coming soon)…and the collection is growing.  

If you’d like to make their bum flat rather than a little beveled, I’ll show you how.  Why would you want it to have a flat bum?  It makes it better suited for sitting on a shelf, etc. However, if the plushie you’re making is going to be a snuggly cuddly friend for a child…you should probably stick with the regular slightly beveled bum. 

What You'll Need:

  • Pattern for your project
  • Rigid insert, the size of your project’s bum (template plastic, recycle plastic from a flat hard plastic container, foam core board, cardboard, etc)

I used a rigid plastic sheet from a photo frame I purchased in which I didn’t need the plastic protective layer that was used in place of glass on this particular frame. 

Get creative, there are many items that can serve this purpose and if one layer doesn’t work, use two or three if it is thin enough! One example is using a couple layers of hard plastic from a large clear cake lid from the bakery, it will work quite nicely…and you save it from the landfill. 

Step 1: Trace the “Bum” template onto your rigid material, such as the plastic. Then trace inside the bum template just a scant larger than ¼ inch from the edge of the template.

Step 2: Cut the inner oval out.

Step 3: The regular opening for turning and stuffing at the base of the back and bum is not going to be large enough to insert the rigid bum piece without bending and possibly creasing it. Carefully use a seam ripper and open the but almost to the side seams.

Step 4: Carefully insert the rigid bum piece, tucking it into the side curves, until it is fully inserted into the base of the plush.

Step 5: Use a ladder stitch and close the opening.  There you go…your plushie now has a pretty flat bum for better sitting.