Fun Variation Options an Accessories

How to Brush Yarn

How to Paint Plastic Eyes

How to Curl Yarn

Nutty Nag Bandana

Upsize the Eyes

Leaf Wreath for Faux Taxidermy

Flower Collar for a Horse

Dress for Nutty Nag Plushies

Upcycled T-shirt Mane

Feather Eyelashes

Steampunk Goggles

Topstitch Applique and Brads

Add Eyelids & Eyelashes

Unicorn Horn Add-On

Paddock Blanket for Horse Dolls

Add a Pocket to Your Plushie

Fillable or Plush Carrots & Bag

Aviator Hat for Vulture

Aviator Goggles for Vulture

Baby Koala Plushie

Add Talons / Claws