Eyelids & Eyelashes (Hand Applique)

Eyelids and eyelashes add such personality to your soft toy.  In this tutorial I will show you how to make the eyelids and how to apply eyelashes (optional).  Then I’ll show you how to apply the eyelids to your project.  Find the link to download the eyelid templates at the bottom of this tutorial.


You Will Need

Plastic Doll Eyelashes

Synthetic False Eyelashes

No Eyelashes

You can certainly opt for no eyelashes and your soft toy is still going to look adorable.  You can see the difference between the plastic doll lashes and the synthetic false lashes…the plastic ones are more defined and the false ones are more lush.  The plastic lashes are also more durable than the synthetic false lashes.

It is a matter of preference on the look you prefer as well as the availability of resources.  The false lashes are much easier to find locally, but the doll lashes are quickly shipped from online sources.

Step 1: Fold the fabric so that there is enough fabric on both sides of the fold to fit the eyelash template with about a 1/4+ seam allowance. Pin the fabric sides together near the fold.  Place the straight edge of the eyelid template on the fold and trace the rounded edge onto the fabric. Trim away any excess fabric you prefer not to work around.

Step 2: Sew directly over the drawn line. Trim away excess fabric to leave only about a 1/8 inch seam allowance.  Clip the curves.

Step 3: Pull the two fabric panels apart and snip a slit in only one panel. Turn right side out through the slit.

Step 4 (Synthetic): (optional) If you’re using the synthetic false eyelashes, they are easiest applied using a small strip of hot glue or super glue.  You can use one lash set per lid or if you prefer to have very full lashes which extend all the way to the corners you can use 1.5 to 2 lash sets per lid. (a lash set is one strip of lashes, a pair is both strips of lashes)

Step 4 (Plastic): (optional) Trim the lashes to the length you’d like to fit the bottom edge of the eyelid.  You can glue them, but I find it better to stitch them on.  The needle will go right through the plastic ridge at the top or you can push it between lashes right next to the plastic ridge.  Whip stitch the lashes in place.

Step 5: Whether you’re applying lashes or going without, the time to add the eyelids to your project is after the soft toy has been stuffed out.  Pin the lid in place to an angle you like.  Begin at one corner and ladder stitch the lid in place, pushing the needle through the top layer of fabric on the eyelid so that it encloses the bottom layer and makes a nice seam.

All done!  Whether you opted out of eyelashes or chose the most luxurious pair of lashes you could find…you have just added a layer of personality to your soft toy.

The eyelid for the 30mm eye was demonstrated in this tutorial.  However, the process is the same for making eyelids for the 30mm oval eye and the 42mm oval eye…which are also on the template page.

Here’s a great image for Pinterest!  Pin now and save this project for later.