Brush Yarn

Fluff it up

This is an adorable variation to regular yarn!  The chunky yarn does look pretty darn cute on the donkey too!  Making it oh so fluffy is fun and still charming.  This step is done to an otherwise completed plushie.  

It is also easy to do.  I used synthetic chunky yarn for this project.  Synthetic yarn will work best, test the yarn you want to use prior to sewing it into your project. 


You will need:

  1. Synthetic Yarn (I used a chunky yarn from Lion Brand/Woolease called Thick and Quick)
  2. Wire/Metal Pet Brush

 Grab a clean cat/dog brush with the tiny metal bristles.  I opted to fluff the yarn after I had it sewn in. 

Fluff the yarn by ‘picking’ at the yarn with the brush from the tip of the yarn down to where the yarn meets the fabric.  You can then brush it like you would a dog or cat to smooth it out and get that final look. 

No need to be extra gentle, but you don’t want to yank too hard either.  There will be some fallout but you won’t miss it.  Be careful not to scrape the fabric too much with your brush.

It is certainly cute either way. 

It looks great on other the lion!

This is a great image to pin!  Pin this now and save this project for later.