Feather Eyelashes

There is something extra fun about some long lush eyelashes to bring your project to the next level!  In this tutorial I’m going to show you how I make feather eyelashes for stick horses (or other animal hobby horses and even plushies).  Keep in mind, the feather lashes aren’t going to hold up to a child who pulls, chews and otherwise abuses toys…this is more of an embellishment for a decor piece or something more gently used.


What You Will Need:

Step 1: Cut two lengths of approximately 4 inches each of the feather trim (this is the length for a stick horse -includes my llama, camel and other ride-on toys…adjust the length for your particular project)

Step 2: Decide the length you’d like the lashes (what I have shown here is 2 inches long) and tape the feather trim from the binding rope downward to the top of the length you’d like your lashes (what sticks out from the tape).

Step 3: Curl the feathers.  Each curling iron is different so I suggest testing some of the feathers on it before you dive in with your prepared lashes.  I used my curling iron at high heat, only leaving them on the iron for a few seconds at a time.  Clamp the end down with the arm of the curling iron as you hold onto the duct tape end and gently wrap the feathers around the barrel (careful not to touch the tape to the iron). Don’t stress to much at this point, you’re just prepping the lashes and will set the curl later.

Step 4: Trim the tape so that only about a 1/8 inch width remains to bind the feathers together.

Your lashes should look something like this at this point.  No worries…you will give the final curl later.

Step 5: Trim the length.  Place the lashes to the eyelid they will be attached to.  Trim any extra width to make them the correct size to fit.

Step 6: Glue the lash strip on the underside of the eyelid using hot glue.  Place a moderate strip of hot glue on the underside of the lid and promptly press the bound (tape strip) end of the lashes against the glue to attach.

Step 7:  After you have attached the eyelashes you can add the eye (I used a 40mm safety eye on this project).

Stuff and complete your stick horse or other project.

Step 8: Add that last defining curl.  Now that your project has gone through the stuffing and finishing steps the eyelashes have probably lost a little of their curl.  You can curl them right on your horse.  Gently clamp the ends under the arm of your curling iron and gently turn the barrel into the lashes to apply heat and curl. 

Step 9: (optional) To further set the lashes, you can apply hairspray during step 8, just a squirt or two is plenty.  Be sure to protect the eye and fabric as needed from the hairspray and the heat from the curling iron.  This will help define the curl and will help hold it over time.  It does take away some of the softness of the lashes, but the trade-off is a more defined and longer lasting curl.

All done!  You now have some darling elaborate eyelashes!  

This is how those lovely lashes look on my Steam Punk Mustang Stick Horse.  They certainly stand out even among her ample curls and fun embellishments.

Here is a great image for Pinterest!  Pin now and save this project for later.