Paint Plastic Safety Eyes

Little details give Amazing results

I’m going to show you how to paint the plastic safety eyes, which I use in most of my designs.  It is a small detail, but can add so much and you are only limited by your imagination.  Choose your colors and decide if you want a solid color, glitter, a shape or patterned design.  

You will need:

  1. Clear Nail Polish (optional)
  2. Acrylic Paint or Colored Nail Polish
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Tooth Pick (optional)
  5. Clear Safety Eyes in a size suitable for your project, like this 30mm clear one
  1. Coat the back of the eye with clear nail polish, allow to dry. (update: this is a step I have since eliminated as it isn’t really necessary…but feel free to apply it if you’d like)
  2. If you’re adding any spots, lines, patterns or shapes…paint them on now and allow to dry.  If using a glitter paint or nail polish, apply a 3-4 coats then back it with a similar (or contrasting) solid color…it will otherwise usually take MANY coats of a glitter paint to get a good solid color.

3. Paint 2-3 coats of solid color on the back of the eye, allow to dry between coats.

4.  Apply a clear coat of nail polish and allow to completely dry prior to applying to your project. (update: this is also something I no longer apply, but either way works!)

The possibilities are Endless

This is a great image to pin!  Pin now and save this project for later.