Lion’s Crown

Dress up your lion, lioness or other wall decor piece with a royal touch.  These crowns are small, but are a perfect fit between the ears of the Lion Ride-On Toy and Wall Decor.  I have included instruction for a no-sew option and a sewn option. Want to make the earrings and necklace? Find the tutorial here (link coming soon)

No-Sew Crown

What You Need:

  • – 14″ x 15″ Oly-Fun Craft Fabric in gold (or a non-fraying fabric such as felt)
  • – 14″ x 7″ No-Sew Iron-On Adhesive
  • – Scissors
  • – Metallic Acrylic Paint (Optional)
  • – Small Paint Brush (optional)
  • – Embellishments (optional) trims, gems, etc
  • – Hot Glue/Super Glue
  • – Crown Templates (link at the bottom of this page)

Step 1: Trace the crown onto the paper side of some iron-on adhesive and iron it to the wrong side of one of the crown panels.

Step 2: Cut the crown shape from the adhesive bonded fabric panel.

Step 3: Peel the paper from the adhesive bonded fabric. Then iron the adhesive bonded fabric to the wrong side of the opposite crown fabric panel. Trim away the excess fabric.

Step 4: (optional) The paper type fabric I used had a white edge where it had been cut.  I opted to brush the edges with a metallic acrylic paint to give a more finished look.  Use a small amount of paint and carefully rub it on the edge only with the side of the paint brush, rub off any excess paint.

Step 5: (optional) Embellish with trim and gems. Use hot glue for the trim and super glue for the gems.

Step 6: Trim away any excess trim. Join the crown ends together and secure with hot glue.

Sewn Crown

What you will need:

  • – 14″ x 15″ Gold Warp Lame Fabric  (or crepe back satin, glittered minky, etc)
  • – 14″ x 7″ Heavy Iron-On Interfacing
  • – Thread
  • – Scissors
  • – Sewing Machine
  • – Embellishments *optional (trim, gems, etc)
  • – Crown Templates (link at the bottom of this page)

Step 1: Trace and cut the crown template from iron-on heavy interfacing. Cut two oversized crown panels from fabric.

Step 2: Iron it onto the wrong side of one of the fabric panels. (be mindful of the fabric’s compatibility with heat from an iron, place cotton fabric or parchment paper over the crown fabric if needed).

Step 3: Pin the two crown panels right sides together with the panel having the interfacing face up.

Step 4: Sew together along the edge of the interfacing. Leave about 2/3 of the bottom open in the center for turning.

Step 5: Trim away the excess fabric, leaving about 1/8″ to 1/4″ seam allowance. Clip into the “v” shapes for best results, as close to the seam as possible without cutting into the seam.

Step 6: Turn the crown right side out. Turn the bottom edge into the middle and pin in place. 

Step 7: Topstitch at least the bottom edge to close. Carefully iron the crown. Topstitch around all edges if desired.

Step 8: (optional) Embellish with trim and/or gems, etc, if desired

Step 9: Bring the ends of the crown together and either sew together or adhere with fabric or hot glue.

Step 10: (Optional) Tack stitch the crown to the lion’s head.