Pocket for Plushie Tutorial

It is easy peasy to add a pocket to the Kwirky Koala and better yet…this will also work with my Nutty Nag and Lounging Leafer dolls if you want to adorn them with a pouch.

The pocket is perfect for little goodies or even storing a small book while the koala sits on a bed…ready for a bedtime story.

What You Need

  • -Fabric for the outside of the pocket (~12″ x 6″)
  • -Fabric for the inside/liner of the pocket (~12″ x 6″)
  • -Notions
  • -Kwirky Koala, Nutty Nag or Lounging Leafer (in progress, not completed projects)
  • -Grab the free pocket template at the bottom of this tutorial. 

This is added to the plushie during the sewing process, anytime prior to the front body panel and the back body panel being sewn together.

Step 1: Place the fabric for the outside of the pocket right sides together with the fabric for the inside of the pocket and pin together at the top long edge (shaped like a very wide ‘v’). Sew the fabrics together along the top only using a ¼ inch seam allowance.

Step 2: Flip the fabric for the inside of the pocket over the top stitch line so that it is now wrong sides together with the fabric for the outside of the pocket. Baste stitch the fabrics together around the three unsewn edges. You may topstitch the top sewn edge if desired.

Step 3: Place the prepared pocket panel you just created on top of the prepared front body panel for the Kwirky Koala (or other suitable plushie). Align the raw edges together, using the leg notches to help ensure you are lined up correctly. Pin in place then sew around the three raw edges, baste stitching the pocket to the front body panel. 

Step 4: Your front body panel with a pocket is now ready to continue with the rest of the construction of your plushie. This pocket was sewn in place prior to the arms, legs and head being attached, but it can be sewn in place after they have been attached as long as it is sewn in place before the front and back body panels are sewn together.

Once complete go ahead and tuck goodies, notes, small books, etc into the pocket for someone special.

It is cute even without anything in the pocket and when you use faux fur, the pocket isn’t really that obvious when nothing is in it. Find the Kwirky Koala pattern as well as the Nutty Nag and Lounging Leafer patterns in my shop.

Here’s a great image for Pinterest!  Pin now and save this project for later.