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Floppy Filly and Classic Colt Plush Horse Doll Sewing Pattern and Tutorial PDF

(5 customer reviews)


A squishy horse makes a great friend!

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The horse you can hold in your arms

Imagination can take you Anywhere!

A squishy and cuddly horse who makes the best bedtime buddy.  She is so velvety smooth when made with minky, but other fabrics such as fleece also work well. 

This sewing project is suitable for an adventurous confident beginner since the there isn’t any complicated sewing and I walk you through each step with detailed instructions and photos to illustrate each step.  Creativity is in your hands as you make anywhere from a pink pony to a realistic horse. Includes both the Floppy Filly and Classic Colt (formerly named the Canvas Colt) and a unicorn horn.

Dress him up a little with a paddock blanket because not only is it fun but it is a quick and easy sewing project to embellish your new equine.  (link below)

  • Deceptively easy to make
  • Detailed  step by step instructions 
  • Photos accompany each step
  • Full size pattern pieces
  • Tips for best results
  • Variations included
  • PDF digital download, available instantly after purchase
  • List of vendors for various materials
  • Print only the pages you need, instructions can be followed on your computer or mobile device (or printed if desired)
  • Make them for a special child, event or even sell your finished plush
  • Prints on standard 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper.  Some pieces need to be joined with tape to create the full size template.

Experience Level Confident Beginner to Intermediate

Language: English

Measurements: US Standard Units

Digital Download

Size When Complete

Floppy Filly ~17 inches from hoof to ear & ~17″ from nose to hock (back leg)

Classic Colt ~12 inches from hoof to ear & ~12″  inches from nose to hock (back leg)

Make a paddock blanket for your new plush horse! Here’s the free pattern and tutorial!

"It is really easy. I had to translate. With pictures it is an easy job"
"I made a memory horse out of shirts for a family member. The directions were easy to follow. I really liked all the 'your horse should look like this at this point' photos. 'Confident beginner' is a perfect description of the skill level you need. This pattern made me look good!"
"All of Rena's patterns are adorable stitched up! Her directions are clear and even adventurous beginning sewists can make something awesome from her designs. Highly recommend her patterns, you can't buy just one!"
Hey Diddle Dolls
Why do you sew?
Do you love the sense of accomplishment? Do you find it relaxing? Do you value handmade heirlooms? Is it your happy place? Do you enjoy the creative expression?

Copyright and Terms

This pattern and tutorial is copyright protected.  It cannot be shared, sold, redistributed, copied, etc, in any manner in whole or in part.  A full copyright statement is in the tutorial. You may make items from this pattern to sell on a small ‘home crafter’ scale.  I request that credit be given to Rustic Horseshoe for the design on any items sold.  This is detailed in the tutorial.  I greatly appreciate your honesty and adherence to my copyright and terms, I have put a lot of hard work into not only the creation of my design, but the creation of this pattern and tutorial.

5 reviews for Floppy Filly and Classic Colt Plush Horse Doll Sewing Pattern and Tutorial PDF

  1. Alice

    This was a pattern that I had been searching for for a while. I was so grateful to.find it. I
    Rena’s tutorials are thorough and well written. She has been so helpful when needed. You will love it!

    • administr

      Thank you so much Alice!! I absolutely appreciate your feedback and am so happy you enjoyed this project!!

  2. Jessie

    I got confused on a few bits but overall this is an awesome pattern! I definitely need to make many more of the floppy filly’s! I wish I could add a photo of my finished product!

    • administr

      Thank you Jessie! I sure wish you could add photos too, you can always email me the photo(s) and I’d be happy to post them on the DASIE Made page!

  3. Hazel

    Very easy pattern to follow with great photos as well as written instructions for us visual learners. Also plenty of bonus bits to customise pony to unicorn or Alicorn, plus different ways to do eyes, mane and arms. Such a cute characterful face it’s a lively pattern

  4. Kim Kass

    This is the first pattern I purchased from Rena. I fell in love with her patterns right away. Easy to understand. I have made a few from my later fathers shirts. They were a big hit.

  5. Hazel

    My first pattern from Rustic Horseshoe but it was so good I’ve purchased more patterns. Easy to follow instructions with photos to illustrate. Great tips and suggestions for adaptations. The floppy filly I made for my daughter was so popular I ended up having to make 3 more for friends. The classic colt was also a winner and I made him a rug (pattern available free here)halter and boots. He also worked brilliantly in denim with small coin pockets included in the design for kids to put things in. Thanks for a brilliant pattern.

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