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Lion and Wild Cat Ride-On Toy and Wall Decor Sewing Pattern and Tutorial DIGITAL PDF


Spark a child’s imagination while igniting your own creativity! Detailed step by step instructions accompanied by photos walk you though the process to complete this project. Variations cater to your skill level or time availability.


Your safari awaits!

Imagination can take you Anywhere!

Big cats have a special place in the hearts of many!  Childhood and stick horses have been two peas in a pod for centuries…even if it is a lion rather than a horse. Decor also inspires the imagination…choose the faux taxidermy option for a jungle theme and have a roaring fun focal point in any room!

This project is suitable for the confident beginner and also features more intermediate to advanced options.  Each step is detailed with clear instructions and photographs.  

This pattern is packed!  It includes two sizes in both the ride-on toy version and the wall decor version.  Then you have 7+ wild cat options: lion, lioness, tiger, leopard, panther, saber-tooth, cheetah, etc.  Plus…there are free tutorials in the blog to hack the pattern to make a bear or panda!  

  • Deceptively easy to make
  • Detailed  step by step instructions 
  • Photos accompany each step
  • Full size pattern pieces
  • Tips for best results
  • Two sizes included
  • Ride-on toy AND wall decor (faux taxidermy) included
  • Variations included
  • PDF digital download, available instantly after purchase
  • List of vendors for various materials
  • Print only the pages you need, instructions can be followed on your computer or mobile device (or printed if desired)
  • Make them for a special child, event or even sell your finished wild cats
  • Prints on standard 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper.  Some pieces need to be joined with tape to create the full size template.

Experience Level Confident Adventurous Beginner

Language: English

Measurements: US Standard Units

Digital Download

Size When Complete


  • ~26 inches tall
  • Dowel is 7/8 inch diameter
  • Weighs about 1 pound
  • Head is about ~8″x 8″ x 4″ 
  • Ideal age range ~2.5 to 4 years (varies by child)


  • ~40 inches tall
  • Dowel is 1 inch diameter
  • Weighs about 2 pounds
  • Head is ~12″ x 12″ x 6″ 
  • Ideal age range ~3.5  to 7+ years (varies by child)

Want to make your wild cat with fabric eyes?  I have a free tutorial to make applique eyes.

Free Tutorial to hack the pattern and make a bear!

Free Tutorial to hack the pattern and make a panda!

Free Crown Tutorial!

"A very neat, well thought out and brilliant pattern. I simply love it and can't wait to try out more of this pattern."
Melaney Fourie
South Africa
"The pattern came together super easy and quickly. I’m impressed with the overall design and details in my tiger. I can’t wait to make a couple more of the ride on version for the daycare that I work at. The kids are going to love them!"
T. Edwards
What a great pattern! I absolutely adore the perfect balance of realism and toy that is once again accomplished by Rustic Horseshoe. The lion has a perfect bulky and feline shape that adapts well to other wildcats. I greatly appreciate the thorough instructions, detailed pattern pieces, and options to simplify (or add extra details). This is not a quick pattern, but even a beginner, if dedicated, can work through and construct an amazing toy (or decor piece). There is hand sewing needed for much of the detail work, but the results are worth the time. I was very happy with the lion (yarn mane option), and saber tooth cat I created. I can't wait to give it to my niece and nephew! "
Rebekah Homer
Why do you sew?
Do you love the sense of accomplishment? Do you find it relaxing? Do you value handmade heirlooms? Is it your happy place? Do you enjoy the creative expression?

Copyright and Terms

This pattern and tutorial is copyright protected.  It cannot be shared, sold, redistributed, copied, etc, in any manner in whole or in part.  A full copyright statement is in the tutorial. You may make items from this pattern to sell on a small ‘home crafter’ scale.  I request that credit be given to Rustic Horseshoe for the design on any items sold.  This is detailed in the tutorial.  I greatly appreciate your honesty and adherence to my copyright and terms, I have put a lot of hard work into not only the creation of my design, but the creation of this pattern and tutorial.


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