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Poised Pachyderm Elephant Soft Toy Sewing Pattern and Tutorial DIGITAL PDF

(17 customer reviews)


Curvy and cuddly with a quirky realistic flair.


Love elephants? Curvy cuddles are just stitches away.

Imagination can take you Anywhere!

A quirky, squishy and cuddly elphant or mammoth is sure to bring snuggles and smiles! A variety of fabrics work well for this project, my favorite for optimum softness and shape is minky. 

This sewing project is suitable for an adventurous confident beginner, but is recommended for intermediate levels. I walk you through each step with detailed instructions and photos to illustrate each step.  Your creativity is encouraged with variations to help you customize your stuffed animal. Variations can also help you plan for the skill level and time commitment of your project. 

Add a little tutu for a girly touch or a bowtie for a dapper chunky fellow…or as one pattern tester did, add some bling draped across the trunk.

  • Deceptively easy to make
  • Detailed  step by step instructions 
  • Photos accompany each step
  • Full size pattern pieces
  • Tips for best results
  • Variations included
  • Two Trunk Options (including poseable)
  • Two Ear Options
  • Three Tusk Options
  • Mammoth Option
  • PDF digital download, available instantly after purchase
  • List of vendors for various materials
  • Print only the pages you need, instructions can be followed on your computer or mobile device (or printed if desired)
  • Make them for a special child, event or even sell your finished plush
  • Prints on standard 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper.  

Experience Level Intermediate with Advanced options

Language: English

Measurements: US Standard Units

Digital Download

Size When Complete

~23 inches from hoof to top of head

~10 inches wide

"It is more complicated than the other patterns, but as always the instructions are precise and clearly illustrated. You won't regret the extra time and patience required as you'll fall in love with this adorable elephant and will want to make many, many more!!!"
Tracy Hewitt
"Well written directions, went together so quickly too. I would class myself as an adventurous beginner with plush toys and was able to complete it without issue. The end product is absolutely beautiful and I can not wait to make more using different fabrics and options."
Rach Lapham
"This was my first Rustic Horseshoe pattern and I feared I'd gotten in over my head but I succeeded and am thrilled with the results! Each step is clearly explained with multiple photos and check points are included throughout the pattern so you know you're on the right track. One part didn't make sense to me but I followed her process exactly and it came together perfectly on my first try. I love all the different options offered so I could create my very own unique Poised Pachyderm."
Jenni Hope
Why do you sew?
Do you love the sense of accomplishment? Do you find it relaxing? Do you value handmade heirlooms? Is it your happy place? Do you enjoy the creative expression?

Copyright and Terms

This pattern and tutorial is copyright protected.  It cannot be shared, sold, redistributed, copied, etc, in any manner in whole or in part.  A full copyright statement is in the tutorial. You may make items from this pattern to sell on a small ‘home crafter’ scale.  I request that credit be given to Rustic Horseshoe for the design on any items sold.  This is detailed in the tutorial.  I greatly appreciate your honesty and adherence to my copyright and terms, I have put a lot of hard work into not only the creation of my design, but the creation of this pattern and tutorial.

17 reviews for Poised Pachyderm Elephant Soft Toy Sewing Pattern and Tutorial DIGITAL PDF

  1. Alicia

    A fun pattern with several options. I made mine out of denim and she turned out so cute! Great directions with lots of photos.

  2. Kim Kass

    I loved testing this pachyderm. Read and understand the full pattern before starting. This pattern definetly did not disappoint. Another great one from Rustic Horseshoe.

  3. Jenni-Hope Kelland

    Be warned: Once people see what you’ve made, they will want you to make one for them too! Follow the steps exactly, even when I didn’t quite understand, it came out perfectly! I am thrilled with the results and loved all the options included!

  4. Anusha Krishnamurthy

    Cutest elephant ever. I loved making this soft toy . The options are awesome . As usual the pattern instructions are brilliant and easy to follow .

  5. Elizabeth Moore

    I used the armature for the trunk and tusks. So they are adjustable. But this also made it top heavy. So I had to use plastic pellets in the bottom. To help it sit upright. I used the Asian elephant ears. And the toe option paws. I love everything about this pattern. The realistic features are amazing and well thought out. There’s many options to make this elephant fit the look your going for.

  6. Rider D’Souza

    This pattern thought me how to use foam for the ears to get that erected look, among other things got to use beads to weigh the bottom down. Take your time reading thru the pattern… the end results are breathtaking.

  7. Rebecca Hagerty

    I’d highly recommend this pattern, I was so easy to make and so cute to take pictures with. My son love to carry his Manny the Mammoth around the house.

  8. Tracy Pitt

    Another great pattern from Rustic Horseshoe with loads of options so it can be designed the way you want it.
    I had so much fun making my Asian inspired Poised Pachyderm, I even went back and made a African inspired little one by reducing the pattern by 50%. Now I can’t wait to make the mammoth.

  9. Marlene Warner

    I don’t know where to start. This pattern is fabulous. I couldn’t wait for it to come out and I was not disappointed. I loved how it turned out and had very little difficulty in maneuvering through the PDF, I had made several of her patterns before and was familiar with the directions. This is a must make for anyone who is a beginner to a professional. The variety of options are great, from a Static trunk to a Pose-able one, with short tusks to long tusks, round feet or appliqued toes. So many options that make a wonderful, loveable and beautiful Elephant. This is my favorite. I love Rustic Horseshoe.

  10. Jennifer Epp

    I love how this pattern comes together! The photos in the tutorial are very helpful. Also its important to read the steps! I forgot my toenails because I got excited about how things were coming together and decided not to read my legs step. OOPS! But my mammoth still turned out amazing!

  11. Katie Reist

    Such a fun pattern! I’ve gotten so many compliments on our new Elephant. The directions & photos were clear and easy to understand! Thank you!

  12. Cris Waller

    This was my first time making a pattern from this designer, although I have been making stuffed animals for many years. The pattern came together easily, had clear directions, and was relatively easy to sew. I do think this pattern is best for someone who has some experience in sewing, but I think a confident beginner could manage it, especially if they were using a fabric with a short nap. Overall, I was very pleased with the final result, and I really enjoyed making the pattern.  One of the best aspects was the extensive ability for customization. It was nice to have so many options for creating the elephant or mammoth that I wanted.

  13. Nicola Rennie

    Another fantastic pattern from Rustic Horseshoe! I have made several and love each one. Clear and easy instructions to follow and I love the options for customization on this elephant pattern. I made the straight Asian Elephant to start with and couldn’t be happier with the result, gorgeousness in a plushie! I can’t wait to make the mammoth now!

  14. Jayla Chapman

    Absolute perfection! This pattern is adorable and the instructions are well written and easy to follow. It went together so quickly and easily. And the completed elephant is so sweet and cuddly. I’ve already made 2 and can’t wait to make more.

  15. Mardi

    As usual Rena has produced another amazing pattern. The Pachyderm pattern is my new favourite and I know I will be making many more mammoths and elephants. If you are thinking about giving the patterns go, do it! There are so many photos and instructions are so easy to follow you will have a beautiful pachyderm to keep it gift to someone special.

  16. Jessica Ingram

    I was a tester for the pachyderm. The pattern was easy to sew, and instructions were well put together. I have a few elephant patterns, and this is my favorite.

  17. lorainekeeney (verified owner)

    I cannot tell you how special this pattern is… it’s a must do…..just so full of character and great fun to make… super cuddly … as in all of Rena’s patterns so easy to follow… another firm favourite for me…

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