• Sonora Saguaro Cactus Pillow and Floor
  • Sonora Saguaro Cactus Pillow and Floor
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Sonora Saguaro Cactus Pillow and Floor Décor Sewing Pattern and Tutorial PDF

(12 customer reviews)


A cactus that almost demands to be cuddled!


In our world of imagination, even a cactus is cuddly.

Imagination can take you Anywhere!

You wouldn’t think you can get very creative with a cactus…but just you wait and see!

This sewing project is suitable for an adventurous confident beginner since there isn’t any complicated sewing. I walk you through each step with detailed instructions and photos to illustrate each step.  Your creativity is encouraged with variations to help you customize your cacti.

Variations can also help you plan for the skill level and time commitment of your project. The pillow is a fairly easy and quick project where the floor décor option can get cumbersome and tricky, especially the taller you make it.

Add a little face, Christmas lights, a cavity with an owl, etc. Make it as detailed or simple as you’d like!

  • Deceptively easy to make
  • Detailed  step by step instructions 
  • Photos accompany each step
  • Full size pattern pieces
  • Tips for best results
  • Variations included
  • Bonus…how to make a cavity
  • Bonus…how to make a peek-a-boo owl
  • Bonus…how to make a cat scratcher pot
  • Includes how to make flowers – 2 ways!
  • PDF digital download, available instantly after purchase
  • List of vendors for various materials
  • Print only the pages you need, instructions can be followed on your computer or mobile device (or printed if desired)
  • Make them for a friend, event, yourself or even sell your finished cactus
  • Prints on standard 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper.
  • Join templates with tape to create full template pieces.

Experience Level Confident Beginner with Intermediate options

Language: English

Measurements: US Standard Units

Digital Download

Size When Complete

Pillow – About 15 inches tall

Floor Décor – Start around 36 inches and make it as tall as you want to tackle (the tallest one pictured here is almost 6 feet)

An amazing pattern for all sewing levels! The step by step tutorial is full of detailed photos, handy tips, and endless creative inspiration. This was such a fun project that I've already got another started! Thank you!!"
Jennifer Smith
"This may be the most professional pattern I own. The tutorial is easy to follow. The layout is clear and the pictures are priceless. There is bonus content too with cute tips and décor ideas. I feel confident that anyone with a sewing machine and basic skills could feel accomplished with this pattern."
Ashley Johnson
"This pattern, as with all of Rena's designs, sewed together perfectly. The instructions are very easy to follow and she offers several different sewing options and sizes to satisfy everyone's needs. I can't wait to make the little pincushions for some of my plant-loving friends."
Jocelyn Marchuk
Why do you sew?
Do you love the sense of accomplishment? Do you find it relaxing? Do you value handmade heirlooms? Is it your happy place? Do you enjoy the creative expression?

Copyright and Terms

This pattern and tutorial is copyright protected.  It cannot be shared, sold, redistributed, copied, etc, in any manner in whole or in part.  A full copyright statement is in the tutorial. You may make items from this pattern to sell on a small ‘home crafter’ scale.  I request that credit be given to Rustic Horseshoe for the design on any items sold.  This is detailed in the tutorial.  I greatly appreciate your honesty and adherence to my copyright and terms, I have put a lot of hard work into not only the creation of my design, but the creation of this pattern and tutorial.

12 reviews for Sonora Saguaro Cactus Pillow and Floor Décor Sewing Pattern and Tutorial PDF

  1. Rebecca Hagerty

    I absolutely loved sewing this pattern, it was super easy to follow, stuff and display.

  2. Elizabeth Moore

    I hand sew and this cactus pillow came together rather quickly for its size. The instructions and pictures are easy to follow. The cactus will look adorable on a couch as a pillow, or as a decorative addition to your home. I will definitely make more! You can’t have just one!!!!

  3. Mardi

    This pattern goes to get her so well and so easily. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is a confident beginner and loves cactus. Mine is 4ft tall and just perfect.

  4. Barbara Reid

    What a fun project. The possibilities are endless for making the pattern an original work of art. I added “needle” looking trim to the seams to represent the needles on cacti. I can’t wait to make another version. The patter and instructions are easy to use and your imagination has no limit here.

  5. Jennifer Epp

    I made the pillow and it’s the perfect size. The fabric I used was a blanket and it was horrible- it kept getting runs in it! But the pillow still turned out awesome! The instructions make it difficult to mess up! Just read and follow!

  6. Laurie Widen

    I found the pincushion pattern a fun, easy, and fairly quick project to complete. The instructions were easy to follow and those with sewing experience, I think will almost intuitively know how to sew this pattern together. However, if you need help the clear instructions and photos leave no questions as to what to do next. This is such a fun project.

  7. Tracy Pitt

    I had so much fun making the accent pillow, you can use whatever you want to really personalise it.
    With super easy to follow instructions and a step by step picture guide, it makes any size simple enough for a beginner to make.

  8. Kellie K Walker

    This pattern is adorable! It was so easy to make this precious pincushion! I can’t wait to make many more as gifts!! She is an awesome pattern designer!

  9. Loreana Sloat

    Very cute pattern! I made the floor decor I can’t get enough of it! Very easy to follow along with, offers a lot of variations. Would highly recommend!

  10. Megan

    I adore this pattern, it’s quick, simple, adorable, and versatile. I’m going to have an entire cactus garden before I’m finished.

  11. Jocelyn Marchuk

    This floor cactus was such a fun project. I cannot wait to make the smaller pincushion version for all of my crafty friends, too.

    Rena’s patterns are always very well written, with really good photo references and tips and tricks to add special little extras, if you so choose. This particular pattern sews together very easily. Thanks for another great pattern, Rena!

  12. Kellie Walker

    I made the pincushion and it is adorable!! Her patterns are amazing!

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