Raindrop Ragdoll Tier One

Let’s dive into what you’ll learn in Tier 1…which is the foundational tier and these elements are also in Tier 2 and Tier 3. Learn more about the whole Raindrop Ragdoll Collection here

Coming Soon! This will be the first in the collection!

1.  Basic Minimal Construction: well, that basically explains it. While none of these plushies are flat rag dolls, you’ll find constructing a curvy critter with personality can be basic.

2. Sew Moderate Curves and Clip the Curves: Of course, there are curves involved in making even a basic plushie. The curves allow for dimentional shape or the body and face as well as shaping the ears, tail and legs.

3. Place Plastic Safety Eyes: While you may use a fabric eye or even a button, you’ll be shown how to place a plastic safety eye…easy peasy!

4. Sew Three Pieces Between Seams: You’ll be sewing two ears and a tail between the seams.

5. Stuffing Best Practices: You’ll learn what to look for in a stuffing material and the method for stuffing a well shaped plushie.

6. Select Fabrics: You’ll learn what some of the most popular fabrics for plushies are and their pros and cons.

7. Sew One Gusset: Gussets help provide dimensional shape. You will learn how they work and practice by sewing in just one gusset.

8. Hand Stitch one Opening Closed and Topstitch Across Legs/Arms: There is no getting around using hand stitching to at least close up the opening used for stuffing and turning. You’ll learn the “Ladder Stitch”, also called the “Invisible Stitch”, to do this. The legs and arms are part of the body (for simplicity and to reduce hand stitching and the number of pieces sewn between seams). This requires topstitching across the top of the arm or leg to close it off once stuffed…simple and quick!

Dress them up!!

This design also lends itself well to easily making clothes for them. A layer of fun to give your plushie even more personality! I have several items of clothing in mind to design for you. To kick things off…just a basic t-shirt and pants!