Raindrop Ragdoll Tier Two

We’re stepping it up just a little with some additional techniques that provide more detail to your plushie…but in a simple and minimal way. Learn more about the Raindrop Ragdolls and all three tiers here.

Coming Sometime in 2024!

Coming Sometime in 2024!

Coming Sometime in 2024!

1. Required or Optional Applique: Applique is the sewing of one fabric on top of another in order to add shapes, etc. An example is adding a coordinating tummy color on the belly of your plushie.

2. Color Block Fabric: Color blocking is sewing two fabrics together to create 1 panel. An example is sewing the lower face color (white) on the fox to the upper face color (rust) to create the full face panel. Applique could be used here, however, color blocking eliminates the thread line on the applique and also reduces bulk since it is one panel of fabric and not two layered panels of fabric.

3. Use Embroidery Floss for Added Detail: This is simply adding a thread line to define the nose (like on the bunny) or add a smile. 

4. Navigate Minimal Variation Options: If you are not new to my patterns, then you know they often offer several variation options to customize your plushie. Since it is an introduction to choosing options, any options in the Raindrop Ragdoll Collection will be minimal for simple navigation. Tier 1 won’t have any such options to keep it absolutely basic.

5. Simple Soft sculpt: Soft sculpting is used to add dimension and shape. It can be as simple as one line of thread back and forth between the eyes to pull them in (as in the bunny) or more involved like sculping toes (as done in some Pudgy Plushie designs…but NOT in the Raindrop Ragdolls)

6. Sew Thick Seams: Thick seams can be fairly easy to navigate as long as you move slowly or even hand baste them before machine sewing. Thick seams can be caused by sewing a thick fabric or sewing something particularly thick or layered between the seams.

7.  Sew More than Three Pieces Between Seams: The standard three pieces are two ears and one tail. Additional pieces are horns or antlers.

8. Reinforce Long Ears to Stand: This can be done in a couple of different ways (and cause thick seams). Think of ears such as upright bunny ears or the large fox ears, etc.

Dress them up!!

This design also lends itself well to easily making clothes for them. A layer of fun to give your plushie even more personality! I have several items of clothing in mind to design for you. To kick things off…just a basic t-shirt and pants!

I’ve designed several Raindrop Ragdoll animals, in anticipation they will be well received (and because I am really enjoying these quicker designs!). If the first couple that are released aren’t well received, the production of this collection will cease. So, what you see here may or may not be released. Keep your eyes on this space!