Raindrop Ragdolls

...not just bears! Click the tier icons below to see more animals!

The Raindrop Ragdoll collection is a collection of plushies designed to introduce the beginner plushie maker to the basic fundamental elements of making stuffed animals. I have separated these skills into three different levels or tiers. These softies are a fun project whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned plushie maker who just wants a quick and cute project.

The plushies are designed to have minimal requirements for each skill so the project doesn’t become overwhelming. For example, only one gusset is used which will teach you how gussets are sewn and how they help shape the animal without having to sew several gussets.

All tiers include the elements of the first tier, the foundational tier. If it is a Tier 2 plushie, it will also include some or all of the elements of Tier 2. If it is a Tier 3 plushie, it may include some elements from Tier 2 and will include some or all of the elements in Tier 3. 

None of the plushies have flat bodies, they all have the same base body in the shape of a teardrop and spindly, ‘drippy’ legs and arms. Their body shape, legs and arms are all centered around the concept of a raindrop or teardrop (I was going to call them Teirdrop Ragdolls…but I digress). None of the plushies have flat faces that require applique or embroidery to create eyes, nose or markings necessary to identify the animal.

It’s like taking baby steps into plushie making and learning skills in a bite-sized manner that has a quicker path to successfully finishing your cute soft toy in comparison to more detailed plushies (like those in my Pudgy Plushie collection).

To learn more about each tier - click the tier icons.

Dress them up!!

This design also lends itself well to easily making clothes for them. A layer of fun to give your plushie even more personality! I have several items of clothing in mind to design for you. To kick things off…just a basic t-shirt and pants!

Why Raindrop Ragdolls?

How did the Raindrop Ragdoll collection start? I was in Houston attending the International Quilt Market and engaged in a conversation centered around beginner friendly plushies that are quick to make and help teach the maker the basics of making a plushie.

This conversation planted a seed in my brain and, well, an 18 hour drive home gives one a lot of thinking time! I ruminated on the idea almost the entire drive home, asking myself questions like… 

How do I break down the basic skills of making a plushie?

How can I make this with minimal pieces, but also dimensional without the use of a plethora of darts?

What do I want them to look like?

What will their cohesive shape be across all animals in the collection?

I was ready to dive in and put my ideas onto paper and into fabric.  Of course, there have been several adjustments in the design to get it to what you see here…and there may be another adjustment or two on some of these designs before they are ready for release.

Which one is your favorite? What animals would you like to see in this collection?

I’ve designed several Raindrop Ragdoll animals, in anticipation they will be well received (and because I am really enjoying these quicker designs!). If the first couple that are released aren’t well received, the production of this collection will cease. So, what you see here may or may not be released. Keep your eyes on this space!