Retired Patterns

Why are these patterns retired?

I have been designing and writing soft toy sewing patterns since 2009. As you can imagine, I’ve grown and improved in not only the designs themselves but also in the formatting and presentation of the instructions, tutorial photos and pattern templates (especially with the help of a graphic designer). Perhaps I will update some of the archived patterns into my current format someday, but for now, they are indefinitely ‘archived’.

In their archived format, you’ll find that while the design itself is solid, the pattern templates are carefully hand drawn and not in a refined digital format. You’ll also see the photos, while they do clearly depict the steps, aren’t to par with my current quality. The formatting of the instructions, and, to a degree, the instructions themselves, are also below par in comparison to current formatting.

Some of these patterns were inspired by characters I obviously didn’t create and therefore are unavailable…these patterns are also in my old format and are completely ‘discontinued’

How can I access these patterns?

Archived/Retired patterns become available around once a year, or so, as a Fantastic Friday Feature. You can snag them for around $5.00, while also understanding they are older patterns in my old format. They are also available to choose as your ‘free pattern’ if you test one of my patterns (my entire library is available to choose from as a pattern tester).

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Discontinued patterns will never be offered as a Fantastic Friday Feature and can only be accessed as your ‘free pattern’ if you test one of my patterns.

Archived/Retired Patterns

The following patterns are only available when they are offered as the Fantastic Friday Feature OR as a choice for the free pattern offered to a pattern tester. So, keep your eye on the email newsletter for when they are featured!

Horse Basket

Dragon Ride-On Toy

Unicorn Horn for Live Horse

Cartoon Stick Horse

Seahorse Ride-On Toy

Giraffe Ride-On Toy

Mustang Racing Blinkers

Classic Bull Ride-On Toy

Discontinued Patterns

The following patterns are ONLY available as a choice for the free pattern offered to a pattern tester.

Sheriff's Posse Stick Horse

Happy Reindeer

Friendly Dinosaur

Bunny Doll

Designed but Never Put Into a Tutorial - Gallery

This is just a fun little look at some of the designs I have created, but never put into a tutorial (for various reasons)….thus, they are NOT available at all, even as the free pattern for testers. Here’s some of my design history, circa 2012-2017 (except the Condor was 2022), not all designs are pictured (such as the penguin ride-on toy, costume race horse blinkers for a live horse, classic seahorse ride-on toy, Cheshire Cat ride-on toy…) and some of my designs that have been half baked and continue to sit unfinished in a basket.

Arctic Creature

Dolphin Ride-On Toy

Life-Sized Condor

Candy Cane Advent Calendar

Easy-On Comfort Chicken Apron

Wall Flower

Sheep Ride-On Toy

Sheep Dog Ride-On Toy

Happy Dog

Sweet Dog

Cartoon Reindeer

Classic Camel