Unicorn Horn Add-On

Who doesn’t love a unicorn!? All kinds of stuffed animals can be seen sporting this magical horn. Now you can easily add a little magic to any of the ride-on toys by adding a unicorn horn!

The unicorn horn is included in my Mustang and Classic Horse Stick Pony Patterns, but have some fun adding it to the Seahorse, Llama, Camel and more! Download the free template at the end of this tutorial.

What You Need

  • – ~10″ x ~10″ scrap of fabric (I use crepe back satin)
  • – ~1oz fber filling
  • – ~10″ x 10″ scrap of light fusible interfacing
  • – ~1/4 skein embroidery floss or ~15″ of 1/8″ cording (to wrap around the horn)
  • – Sewing Needle, Straight Pins, Fabric Scissors, Sewing Machine, Thread

Step 1: Cut the horn and circle base from the light interfacing first. Then iron them onto the crepe back satin. Cut the horn and base from satin by cutting around the attached interfacing

Step 2: Align one end of the cording (optional) to the notch near the tip of the horn. Fold the horn in half lengthwise and pin in place. Sew along the side and the curved top to the edge of the fold.

Step 3: Tuck the cording into the inside of the horn. Mark the center of the base circle by folding it in half and marking with straight pins. Align the pins on the base circle with the seam and fold on the base of the horn. Continue pinning in place around the circle, easing in any fabric as needed. Sew together by starting on one side of the horn seam and sewing around until meeting up with the seam again. For best results, don’t sew over the seam on the horn. Clip around the curve of the circle.

Step 4: Fold the bottom circle just enough to snip a slit in it. Continue to cut the slit to about ¼ inch from the seam. Then cut another slit perpendicular to the first slit. Turn the horn right side out. Stuff to a medium firmness.

Step 5: Wrap the cord around the horn (if you’ve applied cording). You can skip this step or use thread or ribbon instead. Wrap it snug around the horn to help contour the shape. Secure the cord by stitching it at the base first then you may opt to run a stitch up the ‘rungs’ of the spiral to further secure in place. Trim the excess cording and tuck it into the horn.

Step 6: Place the horn on the horse where you’d like it to sit. Use a ladder stitch to attach the horn to the horse, consider sewing around the base at least twice for durability. Embellish with gems, flowers, ribbon, etc, if desired. If you aren’t sure how to sew a ladder stitch, take a look at this free tutorial.

Unicorns certainly do have a magical touch!  I show the horn here on my Classic Stick Horse and on my Mustang Stick Horse.  Get creative! You can even add one onto a headband for a child (or adult…unicorns have no age limit!).

Here is a great image for Pinterest! Pin now and save this project for later!