Unicorn Horn for Plushies

All the magical fun isn’t just for horses and unicorns! Add a unicorn horn to most any soft toy for a fairytale touch.  The templates are designed to fit my Nutty Nag Horse Doll and my Llofty Llama Doll (coming soon), but if the size works for the plush you’re wanting to add it to…go for it!

I use the small size horn on the Nutty Nag and the large size horn on the Llofty Llama. If you want to add wings, the wings in the Nutty Nag pattern work perfectly on the Llofty Llama (coming soon), Lounging Leafer, Bodacious Bovine (coming soon), etc!

What You'll Need:

  • Scrap of crepe back satin or other suitable fabric for a unicorn horn
  • Scrap of lightweight iron on interfacing
  • Matching thread
  • Small amount of fiber filling – stuffing

Step 1: Trace the unicorn template sew line onto the back of the interfacing. Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric you’ve chosen for the horn.

Step 2: Baste stitch a guide line ¼ inch from the edge along the bottom edge of the horn, this is to guide you when attaching it to the soft toy.

Step 3: Fold the horn right side together, in half lengthwise, and pin in place.

Step 4: Sew along the drawn sew line, leaving the bottom edge open.

Step 5: Turn right side out.

Step 6: Place the horn on the soft toy’s head where you’d like it to sit. You may need to trim away, or work around, the yarn mane or long fur pile. Pin in place.

Step 7: Use a ladder stitch to attach the horn to the head. Use the guide stitch at the bottom to ensure even seam allowance when attaching it to the head. Here is a tutorial for ladder stitching.

Step 8: Contour the horn. Attach a length of thread at the top of the horn (I use the method I show in my ladder stitching tutorial). Gently and tightly wrap the thread around the horn as you spiral to the base of the horn. Secure the thread with a knot, tuck the tail of the thread into the soft toy and trim as shown in my ladder stitching tutorial

Now you have transformed your soft toy into a magical friend.