Upsize Your Eyes!

Eyes can bring so much character and life to a toy!  I tried upsizing the eyes on the standard size Mustang Stick Horse and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it looks!  30mm eyes are on the left and 40mm eyes are on the right.  I’m certain the larger eyes size would also look great on my other standard size ride-on toys such as the llama, camel and more.  Perhaps even my Rhino Wall Decor.  Play around a little and see what you think.  

40mm safety eyes aren’t as prevalent as the 30mm safety eyes, but I found them in the 6060Eyes shop on Etsy.    

Upsizing the eyes isn’t just for the standard size ride-on toys either.  I put a 30mm eye on my Nutty Nag (zebra) instead of the 20mm eye and I really like how that looks too!  If you do put a 30mm eye on your Nutty Nag, the eyelid in the sewing pattern will be too small.  However, you can find a free template for the 30mm eyelid here.  

Go ahead and experiment…you really could be pleased with the results!