Vulture Aviator Goggles

Give your vulture a little style upgrade with some ‘aviator goggles’. Not only is it simply fun, it inspires the imagination. These are designed to fit my Pudgy Plumes Vulture Doll.

What You'll Need:

  • -About a 8″ x 4″ piece of felt, leather, etc (I used a lightweight leather)
  • -Inexpensive goggles (look for ones that you can easily remove the head and nose straps and the eye pads)
  • -4.5″ length of 1/2″ wide elastic
  • -Super Glue or E6000 Adhesive
  • -Embellishments (such as gems and necklace chain, etc)
  • -Needle & thread
  • -Template (found at the bottom of this page)

Step 1: Disassemble the goggles. Remove the head strap and nose strap. Remove the ‘rubber’ eye pad from the lenses if possible. (I found these goggles for $1 at a dollar store)

Step 2: Cut the goggle base from fabric (template is located at the bottom of this page). Keep in mind, goggles vary depending on brand, etc. The eye holes I have outlined on the template may not be the correct size or shape to fit the goggle lenses you have. Check and adjust the eye holes accordingly so your goggle lenses will fit.

Step 3: Sew the elastic to one end of the goggle base (the short straight edge) by overlapping the elastic by about 1/4 inch on the under side of the goggle base and stitching together. Then sew the other end to the opposite side of the goggle base. (you can use the glue here if you prefer)

Step 4: Use super glue or E6000 adhesive by placing it on the lip of the goggle lens. Then push the lens through the eye hole from the under side of the goggle base. Press the fabric to the glue on the lip of the goggle lens and hold in place to allow drying. Repeat with the other goggle lens.

Step 5: Hand stitch the tab on the goggle lens where the head strap looped through to the under side of the goggle base using a whip stitch. Repeat with the other lens. (the tab where the nose strap looped onto the lens should be on the top side of the goggle base.)

Step 6: Attach a leather strap, ribbon, necklace chain, etc to the tabs on the lenses where the nose strap was located. (I used a necklace chain here)

Step 7: Embellish with gems, etc, if desired.

All done! Make an ‘aviator hat’ to go with the goggles!

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