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Rustic Horseshoe - Established 2009

A shift of my sails and a leap of faith began my journey with Rustic Horseshoe.

I was looking for a way to leave my hard earned career behind and work from home when my son was an infant and my daughter a toddler.  My childhood stick horse caught my attention…tattered, patched and broken…but still very much loved along with the treasured memories of adventures we embarked together.  Its raggedness a sign of the love only a child could give.  I knew I wanted to create meaningful designs that others could easily make.  I wanted these designs to spark the imagination, encourage active play and grow to be treasured heirlooms.  It is also important to me that you enjoy the process of making them and knowing you have the blueprint to a tested and well thought out design…a piece of myself just for you.  

And so it began…the road to learning to sew and create my own patterns…something entirely different than the law enforcement career I had served for eight years.  I designed my first stick horse modeled loosely after my childhood stick horse.  My first one serves as a testament that tenacity pays off…because it looked a bit unpleasant.

Trial and Error …

…was my approach to sewing and designing.  It may not be the ideal approach, however, it is one effective way to learn.  Some of my methods may not be the most common techniques, but I have found what works for me.  I share those ideas with you so because I want you to succeed and a variety of techniques in your ‘toolbox’ is never a bad thing. 

I can’t hold in all these creative ideas…

I did all of this with the goal of writing patterns to share with you.  I wanted to help others create whether it was for loved ones, for themselves or to sell in order to realize their own dream of a home based handmade business.  I believe just about anyone can accomplish great things if they only take it in small steps, building upon each step until they have created something they perhaps didn’t think they had the skill to do.  In order to guide you to success I write my tutorials in a step by step easy to follow format and they really are deceptively easy to make.   I encourage the beginner to the seasoned sewist…the hobby crafter to the small handmade business owner.  Whatever your goal or skill level, I’m with you through the process.

From paper and pencil to fabric and thread …

Each design is a Rustic Horseshoe original and has been hand sketched, tested, adjusted and refined…inspired by the world around us.   Join me, add your own creative flair if you desire, and let’s make something amazing!

My goal is to inspire and guide you to make something amazing...because...yes, you can!

My love of teaching and creating come together to create easy to make designs you’ll love.  I take a detailed step by step approach with my tutorials.  I virtually take you by the hand and walk you through each step.  Your success is my success!  Follow my lead and you will find my designs are deceptively easy to make and you will amaze people with your adorable creation.

I sew because creating is a happy place for me.  Sharing what I design and seeing others embrace the art of handmade brings me great joy.  Why do you sew?

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