Printed/Paper Patterns

Benefits of a Digital PDF

All of the listings in the shop on my website are for the digital PDF version of my patterns and tutorials. There are many benefits to a digital PDF such as:

  • The file is immediately available for you to download after purchase has been complete…anywhere in the world.
  • There are no shipping fees.
  • Print only the pages you need, such as the template pages. Then, view the tutorial on your device as you sew your project. You can enlarge tutorial images, etc, as you work through your project.
  • The digital PDF is cheaper than the professionally printed patterns.
  • Reusability – if the templates you printed and used over and over have torn, warped, excessively marked up…just print another set! (also, for longer use, consider laminating your templates)
  • Don’t have a printer? Take the file to a local print shop and have it printed out for you…only the pages you need to have printed.
  • If you loose the file, you can download it again!

Printed/Paper Pattern Options

While there may be many benefits to a digital PDF version, you still may want a paper copy rather than a digital copy…and I get it!  I often have professionally printed copies of most of my patterns on hand and am happy to help you out. The printed copies are generally $16.99 plus shipping (some are a little less and some are a little more). Shipping depends on your location in relation to mine (USA). Please note: unfortunately, international shipping, even for a large envelope, can get rather pricey. 

I recommend first trying to find the pattern you’re interested in through a quilt/sewing shop that sells them online and/or in person. I have listed those I’m aware of below (they order directly from me), there are others who order through my distributor EE Schenck and therefore, I’m not aware they are selling my patterns and thus can’t list them below. If you’re unable to find the pattern(s) you’d like through one of the vendors, please contact me via email. When contacting me, please let me know what you’re looking for and we’ll go from there.

Are you a retailer who sells, or wants to sell, these patterns?

If you’re a valid online retailer, legitimately selling paper copies of Rustic Horseshoe sewing patterns, please let me know via email and I am happy to list you here!

If you’re a retailer and want to carry paper copies of Rustic Horseshoe sewing patterns, please learn more on my Wholesale page.

All patterns, tutorials, images, etc are copyright protected. The only legitimate/legal way to sell paper copies of any Rustic Horseshoe pattern is to order the patterns via wholesale directly through Rustic Horseshoe or through a distributor (currently only EE Schenck). 

Contact me.