Patterns that Pay it Forward

We are stewards of the world we live in and I care deeply not only for protection of our environment but have a deep passion for the care of Earth’s precious animals.  A portion of proceeds from pattern sales are donated to conservation efforts in addition to items donated for auction/raffle or raffles of items conducted by Rustic Horseshoe with 100% of raised funds donated to a specific organization. This is one way I can be a catalyst for supporting these organizations doing such important work and I can’t do it without you!   

I have researched these organizations and feel confident they are reputable and are doing work in conservation, education and/or rescue and rehabilitation.  You can feel good knowing that a portion of each pattern purchased is donated to one of these organizations.   

Thank you for your support and for joining me in doing little things that can collectively make a big difference.


Location: Vienna, Austria

Focus: Chimpanzees, Western Africa Habitat, Education, etc

Donations: Rhino Wall Decor for fundraising auction in Austria – Total raised (undisclosed/unknown) 


Location: Queensland, Australia

Focus: Wildlife conservation

Donations: Raffle of plush Kwirky Koala – total raised $441


Location: Arizona, USA

Focus: Education and Conservation relating to raptors

Donations: Three finished Pudgy Plumes plush vultures and percentage of pattern proceeds – total raised $90.00 TD

We are just getting started...check back for updates!