Patterns that Pay it Forward

We are stewards of the world we live in and I care deeply not only for protection of our environment but have a deep passion for the care of Earth’s precious animals.  A portion of proceeds from pattern sales are donated to conservation efforts in addition to in-kind donations and items donated for auction/raffle. Additionally, I will occasionally hold an adoption raffle of a completed plushie with 100% of raised funds donated to a specific non-profit organization.

This is one way I can be a catalyst for supporting these organizations doing such important work and I can’t do it without you!   

I have researched these organizations and feel confident they are reputable and are doing work in conservation, education and/or rescue and rehabilitation at the time the donation was given.  You can feel good knowing that a portion of each pattern purchased is donated to organizations such as these.   

It may not seem like a whole lot, but it is for this little micro-business and every dollar counts. Thank you for your support and for joining me in doing little things that can collectively make a big difference. Just look at the difference we are making together!

Total US Dollars Donated to Date

Organizations Who Have Received Donations

  • Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • Wild At Heart, an Arizona Based Raptor Rehab
  • Sonoran Reptiles Rescue, Rehab and Education
  • National Geographic Wildcat Initiative
  • Arizona Equine Rescue Organization
  • The Peregrine Fund – Condor Cliffs Program
  • Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors
  • San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy
  • Jane Goodall Institute 
  • Prescott Heritage Park Zoo (Sanctuary)
  • Coconino Humane Association’s Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic
  • ( Various Small Local Fundraisers)

This is a continued effort...check back for updates!

A Family Effort...

As a family, we take as many opportunities as we can to explore the world around us.  This includes supporting and volunteering for organizations who are working in conservation. 

One such venture was the incredible opportunity we had to shadow biologists working on site to monitor, treat and ultimately save the California Condors in Northern Arizona near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (a project headed by The Peregrine Fund).  This experience was centered around our 11 year old daughter who has a deep passion for raptors and conservation.  As a family, we continue to seek out and act upon opportunities to be the positive change we want to see in this world.