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PDF Troubleshooting

After you complete your purchase, you should be returned to an order confirmation screen.

Under the column titled “Download” you’ll find a tan button for each PDF you purchased. 

Click on the button and and another button will drop in the lower left corner of your computer screen. 

Click on this button and it will open the PDF file. 

Then click on the download icon to save the file to your device. 

You will also be emailed an order confirmation which will contain your PDF in the same receipt style as the confirmation page, please follow the above steps.

If you created an account and checked out under your account, your digital files can be accessed through your account.  You can find your account by clicking on the “My Account” tab on the footer menu.

If you need further assistance, please contact me.

If you are experiencing an error when opening a PDF file, please try the following. Note that this is
not in any particular order.

1. Check to see if you can open a different PDF file. Look for something in your Documents folder, or
search for and download a test PDF file from the internet. If a different file opens, but not the file from
Rustic Horseshoe, please contact me for further assistance. If neither file opens, please continue to step

2. Make sure you have a PDF viewer installed. Windows 10 has a built-in viewer, but I find that Adobe
Reader is the most reliable. First, try opening a PDF file and see what program is used to open it. If you
open a file and get an error that there is no program installed for the PDF file type, you need to install
Adobe Reader. Please skip to step 3. If the file opens, look at the top of the window to see
what program was used to open it. 

If you see a different program than this, I would recommend you install Adobe Reader (step 3) and set it
as your default program (step 5). If you are already using Adobe Reader, you may need to install a new
version (step 3) or uninstall and reinstall the program (step 4). If the file opens in a Google Chrome or
Mozilla Firefox browser, please skip to step 5.

3. Install a new version of Adobe Reader. The problem may lie in an out of date version of Adobe
Reader or program corruption. Either way, installing the latest version may fix the issue. Open a web
browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox). Type in the address bar and hit
Enter. It should load the website for Adobe.

Click “PDF & E-Signatures” in the top ribbon.

In the drop-down menu, choose Acrobat Reader.

In the next screen, choose “Download Reader”. This will download the installer for Adobe Reader. Run the installer, then reboot your computer.
Try opening the PDF file again to test. 

4. Uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader. Sometimes, the Adobe Reader program becomes corrupted and must be uninstalled before reinstalling. Click the Start Menu icon in the lower left corner of your screen.

Type in the word “control” and you should see a result for Control Panel pop up. Click Control Panel
and it will open a new window. Click “Uninstall a Program” or “Programs and Features” depending on
your view. This will open a list of programs installed on your PC. Click on Adobe Reader or Adobe
Acrobat Reader and choose Uninstall. Follow the prompts to uninstall the program. Once the program is
uninstalled, restart the PC and follow step 3 in the guide to reinstall the program.

5. Change default program if PDF files open in Google Chrome or Firefox, or any other program.
This can sometimes cause issues, and it is better to open them in Adobe Reader instead. To do this, you
need to change the default program for opening PDF files in Windows.
For Windows 10, click the Start Menu icon in the lower left corner of your screen. Type in the word
“default” and you should see results appear. Click “Default Apps”. You will then need to select “Choose
default apps by file type”. Scroll down until you see .pdf on the left side of the window. Click the entry
to the right of .pdf and it will give you a list of choices. Click Adobe Reader DC and it will change your
default PDF reader to Adobe.

For Windows 7, click the Start Menu icon in the lower left corner of your screen. Click “Default
Programs” and it will open a new window. Click “Associate a file type or protocol with a program” in
the new window. Scroll down until you see .pdf on the left side. Click the row with .pdf to highlight it
and then click “Change Program”. In the list that appears, choose Adobe Reader or Adobe Reader DC to
set the default program for PDF files.

If the steps in this guide do not resolve your issue, please consult a local computer technician
for further assistance.

If you receive an error message that the file is corrupted…please know it is good on my end. Sometimes the file can become corrupted during the delivery to your device. Oftentimes, changing the delivery method of the PDF solves the issue. So, if you get this error message, please email me and I will email the PDF directly to you, which has always solved this particular issue.

Would you like this guide in a PDF with photos? Click here. (This guide was created for Rustic Horseshoe by a Computer Technician, all copyrights apply)

There are several reasons why a PDF file will not print at all or only print some pages. Below are steps to take to resolve these issues.

1. The first thing you should try if your PDF will not print properly is to restart your PC and try again.

2. You should also make sure you have Adobe Reader installed and using the latest version. Please see the
guide above to make sure you are on the latest version of Adobe Reader.

3. If your PDF is only printing a few pages, try the following:
Open the PDF file and choose Print. When the print dialogue box opens, choose Advanced.

In the next dialogue box that opens, check the box for “Print as Image”. The file should print properly now.

4. If the steps in this printing guide do not resolve your issue, please consult a local computer technician
for further assistance.

Also, try the troubleshooting advice from Adobe here

Would you like this guide in a PDF with photos? Click here. (This guide was created for Rustic Horseshoe by a Computer Technician, all copyrights apply)


Absolutely!  I am honored I am able to help you in this way. Please honor my copyright, I put A LOT of time, talents and effort into each design. Completed items may be sold on a small scale, please review the copyright statement in each pattern. I also have a D.A.S.I.E. Made Mall to support you in your efforts. The pattern itself cannot be shared, sold, redistributed, etc in part or in whole in any manner.  All photos, templates and texts are protected by copyright.

I offer most of my patterns in printed form at wholesale pricing through a distributor.  Please learn more here.

Each pattern a has a full copyright disclosure, you may also find it on my “Copyright & Terms” page. In short, you may not sell, share or redistribute any patterns/PDF files in whole or in part via digitally, printed or by any other means. This includes photos, text, templates, etc.  

I have put a lot of time and talent into each pattern, this is my work…my livelihood. Violation of my copyright is stealing and is damaging to my efforts to support myself and my family.  I fully support makers who wish to generate income by making finished items to sell and I am quite happy that I can have a hand in the process with the use of my patterns when my copyright is honored.

Please give credit where credit is due and please respect my hard work through respecting my copyright terms.

The 1" Test Square isn't the correct size

When this happens, you need to check your print settings on your printer. Make sure “actual size” is selected for the printing size and make sure you have borderless printing (if you have a border set to print, it will reduce the size of what is printing inside that border).

Sewing Rustic Horseshoe patterns

Sewing times vary largely on an individual basis according to personal pace, skill, equipment, materials used and familiarity with the pattern. What takes me 4 hours may take someone else 8 hours or even 3 hours. Obviously there are items that are quicker to make by design and ones that are simply more time intensive. I follow a ‘take your time’ approach when I sew because I want it to be just right. 

Please visit my resources page for materials I recommend and vendors who sell them.

I believe that having a basic sewing knowledge of how to use your sewing machine, pin fabric and sew straight to gentle curved lines opens the door to tackling many sewing projects.  You really aren’t limited to sewing projects that are the most basic in appearance. Each pattern is labeled with what I (and pattern testers) believe is the most fitting skill level.

Some materials are easier to sew than others, and this will play into your sewing experience.  Pop over to my resources page for more information about materials.

Many of my patterns have intermediate to advanced options for variations.  This means that these patterns have a basic option for the confident beginner sewist as well. 

Take your time and follow each step and you’ll create a fun and adorable project. The tutorials are designed to walk you through the process with detailed bite-sized instructions accompanied with photos. You’ll probably even learn a new technique or two as well. With each project you sew, your confidence and skills will grow.

Yes, but my copyright must be respected. This means each class participant must purchase their own copy of the pattern directly from Rustic Horseshoe (for PDF) or an official paper copy of the pattern through a quilt shop (that has been directly purchased from Rustic Horseshoe for wholesale purposes). You may not make your own copies to hand out or sell and you may not share the digital version. Please learn more on my ‘Copyright and Terms’ page.

You may not make video tutorials using my patterns unless you have express written permission directly from me/Rustic Horseshoe.

The Pattern Creation Process

Prototypes & samples are the items I make during the design process for each new design. These items often have minor flaws or variations as the design evolves. Since my patterns have variations for each design, my prototypes do as well since I make them to demonstrate these variations.  I also use my prototypes in my product and perspective photo shoots, therefore some of them are gently used for this purpose. 

Prototypes & samples may be offered on average at 30% to 50% off. Shipping fees are additional. These items are offered in a ‘flash sale’ fashion on my Facebook page and generally sell very quickly.

Items are usually not offered for sale until after the pattern for the item has been released. I also keep at least one sample and often donate one or more samples for various fundraisers.

I have a long running list of designs I want to create. I start collecting fabrics for them long before I start them. I usually have fabrics ready for 2 or 3 new designs at any given time and I decide what I feel like designing next right after a new design is released. It is sort of whatever I am feeling most inspired to work on at the moment with consideration of what requests I have had.

The short answer is not as many as I would like. I am meticulous and like to give a variety of options with each pattern…this takes time. I pour myself into each pattern with the goal of putting out an easy to follow tutorial and a successful design. Learn more about my process here.

I currently do not design custom patterns as I have a very long list of designs I want to create for Rustic Horseshoe and need to focus on that goal at this time.

I don’t currently take orders for finished items as I put my focus in developing my pattern line.  There are many talented makers who do make items using my Rustic Horseshoe designs and sell them.  You can puruse the D.A.S.I.E. Made Mall and contact makers with your request.

How Do I Modify an Existing Pattern?

Of course! However, keep in mind, modifying an existing pattern does not give you any ‘rights’ to the design…it does not become your design. It remains a Rustic Horseshoe design…that has simply been modified. All copyrights and terms remain in place. Please review my copyrights and terms here.  

While I would love to help, I simply don’t have the time to provide this type of guidance.  Modifications can be simple or complex depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you’re trying to modify the pattern to create an entirely different animal, that can certainly be on the complex side. When I’m making a new animal, I prefer to start from scratch in order to give it the special characteristics that animal possesses. I don’t personally do well modifying one animal to a different animal because I see so much more than a modification and simply don’t think in that lane…I hope that makes sense.

However, you aren’t entirely on your own. The Rustic Horseshoe D.A.S.I.E.S. group on Facebook is an excellent resource to share ideas and ask for guidance or advice of this nature. If I have time, I may even chime in with a little advice or my own. I would love to see what you make and for you to share your modification with others in the group!

The short answer is simply…no.

I get numerous requests and I have limited time. I weigh the number of requests for a specific animal with what I’m feeling inspired to design in order to determine what animal I design next.  There is so much involved in designing and writing a new pattern, I simply can’t cater to the request of one person.

However, I do love to hear what you have in mind and what you’d like to make. It may take me awhile to get to that design, but if it’s one that’s also been requested by others or will be well received by others…it will likely make it to my list of designs I plan to make. 

Pattern Testers

Indeed I do! Usually around 25 individuals test each new pattern before it is published.

You must fill out the application for each specific design when I call for testers. You must submit a complete application each time you want to be considered to test a specific pattern. Each application timeframe is usually only open for up to 48 hours. The best way to get notified is via the email newsletter…be sure you’re signed up and have marked as a safe sender so you get it in you inbox. I also usually announce it in my D.A.S.I.E. group on Facebook. 

Learn more about tester requirements and how I select my testers on the “Pattern Testers” page.

Issues with my Account

When this happens, it is most likely that you haven’t actually created an account. First, check your junk folder on your email as your email server may have filtered it there. Second, it is very likely you haven’t set up an account. Set up an account on the website, if there is already one under your email then you will see a message indicating that when you try to set it up. If you don’t see that message, there isn’t an account associated with the email address you’re using and you need to set up an account if you’d like to have one. (signing up for the email newsletter does not also create an account)

When this happens, it is always because the order was placed as a ‘guest’, which means you weren’t signed into your account at the time of purchase. Please be sure you’re signed into your account at the time of purchase if you want the PDF links to be stored in your account. 

I am unable to add a PDF link to your account unless it is added under an existing purchase (it’s just the way my software works, unfortunately). If you would like a PDF you purchased as a guest to be added to your account, please email me and let me know. If you don’t have any existing purchases in your account at the time, you will need to let me know when you make a future purchase and at that time I can add the previously purchased PDF link to your account.