Models help give you an idea of the size of the plushie but also add a fun lifestyle aspect.  I strive to represent all children and aim for diversity in many ways. Modeling opportunities are open to any child who will cooperate by sitting still, posing, smiling and having their photo taken.

I rely heavily on friends, family, friends of friends and new acquaintances to find my models…who are simply children who will hopefully have fun with the experience. You’ll see my own children in some of the images above.

Yes, sometimes the child doesn’t cooperate and I end up with very few images to work with…that’s life. Most of the time we have fun and get plenty of good images. I use a professional photographer when possible, which I prefer. However, there are times I have to take the shots (you can probably notice the difference in the photos above).

Do you have a child who would like to model for Rustic Horseshoe?

What is Required?

  • a well groomed and cooperative child
  • drive to location (central Arizona)
  • neutral clothing with no logos and/or characters (sometimes a theme is involved, such as safari, woodsman or cowboy/cowgirl)
  • signed photo release
  • Usually around an hour of your time, plus travel

What is the Stipend?

  • You will receive $50 per session (not per child, if you bring multiple children)
  • You will receive digital copies of the final images for your personal use

I have a very small budget, this is a micro-business after all. Hopefully it will be a fun experience for you and your child with some darling photos to cherish. 

What are the images used for?

Models are never named. Images are used for promotional purposes and to provide perspective for the product.  Images are shared on my social media pages, newsletter, website and may be shared with business partners (such as fabric companies and pattern distributors) for promotional purposes.

How do we get on the list?

Do you have a child who could model with a new plushie design? I generally am looking for children in the age range of 4-9, with some exceptions. After all, plushies are for everyone! 

I aim to have a new child model with every new design I publish.  This could be 3-6 modeling opportunities per year. If you would like your child to be considered, please contact me for more information and to get your child on my list for a modeling session for an upcoming design.

Thank you!


To learn more about me and The Rustic Horseshoe, please visit my about page!